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Current Projects

Since 2005 I have been part of the John Muir Health system based on Walnut Creek California. I was brought into the organization to work on business development using technology, with a focus on telemedicine. Part of that effort resulted in the creation of a business plan to use telemedicine to establish a pre-transfer screening network. That would allow patients to be evaluated by our specialists before a decision was made what facility they should be sent to. Later the idea was expanded to include the use of technology to expand our referral territory. Unfortunately as the local economy worsened, the projects were put into abeyance.

Now I focus on project management for clinical and administrative systems, including

I also am still involved in our video conference system and work with our executive team to optimize its performance.

In 2003, as part of the the Pacific Center for Telehealth, we worked with a group of Native American Indian tribes in California to enhance their Telemedicine Network. We also worked with the Alameda County Medical Center to implement a telemedicine project that will incorporate 'store and forward' technology along with video conference based applications. The Moroccan "Telemedicine for Tafilalet" project has completed its feasibility stage. Sadly, funding for the project was not available.

From July 2000 to February 2002 I was Co-Director & Technology Advisor to the California Telehealth & Telemedicine Center in Sacramento. Since then they have changed their name to California Telemedicine & eHealth Center CT EC.

I was involved with some interesting consulting projects before I joined CTTC:

A copy of my resume is also available.

Telehealth Projects

Flying is my main hobby, so you'd expect me to have pictures of it, no?


I took delivery of a 400HP YAK-55 in March of 2002. It was in Lithuania and had to be disassembled, containerized, shipped to Vermont via Montreal, are reassembled there. After FAA certification, I flew it back to sunny California. Here's a site with some good info on YAK-55s. It's also the outfit I got mine from.

UPDATE: 05/31/2010

How time flies! I've moved her to Livermore now and she is hangared in Attitude Aviation. Still flying but with a new family to support, a lot more resources have been diverted from flying.

UPDATE: 04/05/2004

About a year has passed since my last update, and all I have to show for it is another hundred hours of air time and fun. She still is a better plane than I am a pilot, and though most of the time was uneventful, I have scared myself twice. Both times her designers came to my rescue ... but I did help things out by being conservative on my altitudes. The details are best told in person...

Last September I gave the Burning Man crowd ( it's held at Black Rock Dessert Nevada) a short smoke show ... I'm told I had 20,000 people staring at me for about 2 minutes ... this September they may be more impressed as I have a routine planned - but you'll have to be there to see it .. I will divulge no details here! Right now I'm working on a respirator mask with a microphone in it .. due to the effects of aerodynamics, even with a tight exhaust system when I make smoke, it gets sucked into the cockpit. So I will get a smoke mask set up so I can breath better when I do my routines.

In addition to aerobatic flying, I'm working to qualify as a formation wingman pilot. There are a growing number of pilots who, in addition to those $150 hamburger lunches, are honing their skills by flying in formation. It has not really caught on yet, but you can imagine how thrilling it is to be part of a group of airplanes as they fly over a runway, each precisely turning and completing their landings within seconds of each other. This link to the Red Star Pilots Association will give you more information on the kinds of activities pilots can aspire to.

Yesterday I leaned another lesson in trans-continental technology: here we use a brake fluid that is not healthy for Russian rubber seals. So I'm grounded until I get my master brake cylinder overhauled, or figure out how to replace them with the Americanski variety!

UPDATE: 03/11/2003

The starboard exhaust port is finally repaired. Ken Valentine, in Upland CA, fabricated a jig to hold it in place while he re-welded it. Also took the opportunity to fix the smoke system! And most importantly, my Strong parachute arrived. Looks like I'll be good to go for competition this season! Check back soon for pics with the smoke on!

UPDATE: 06/11/2002

Well, this is the week! She's been modified: I'll have more leg room. I also had Cleveland brakes and standard US wheels and tires installed - the Russian ones are only good for about 30 landings. Also had a cigarette lighter-shaped power outlet installed for my portable GPS295, and put an altitude encoder in so my Mode C transponder will report altitudes to the ATC radars. I need that to fly into the Class B airspaces like Los Angeles and San Francisco. I'll fly her back from Vermont (weather permitting) from June 18th through the 23rd.

UPDATE: 03/14/2002

The airplane has arrived in Vermont! Here are pictures of it and the other machine that was shipped with it. A beautiful day in Vermont! The outfit that is putting her back together is Gesoco Industries. They are based in Swanton Vermont.

UPDATE: 02/10/2002

The airplane is disassembled, and will be shipped later this week! Here are some pictures of it as it looks now.

UPDATE: 01/17/2002

Eastern Europe got hammered over the holidays.  Couldn't work much on disassembly much.  Shipment date looks like ~15 February now.  Meeting friendly people in the on-line acro community.  Invitations from people in seven states to 'stay over', so hopefully I can spend money on gas instead of hotels!

Already have the registration number reserved:  N355YK.  So when I'm communicating with ground controllers, the call sign will be "5-Y-K".  As close as I could get to a call sign that also tells people what I'm flying.

Here are pics of my new airplane.

Here are pics of what I intend to do with it.

Here's where she'll be reassembled.

Maintenant, ici est la recette de Le Bisque pour Petite Larousse!

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